Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready? Not me. :-)

Today, my daughter finished her last day of preschool. Aside from summer camp at her preschool (if we decide to send her) and some time in February where she might return there (bless preschool teachers who don't mind if their former students return) when her school is out for break, this is it. My daughter is no longer a preschooler.

I got to thinking this afternoon how unready I was for so many of life's biggest changes. I was ready to graduate from college, but not ready to be self-supporting. I was ready to settle down, but I knew nothing of being a wife. I wasn't ready to no longer be pregnant when my daughter tumbled into my life ten weeks early. And although my daughter is ready for kindergarten and is going to a good school this fall, I don't think I'm quite ready for her to no longer be one of the six students at her itty bitty preschool.

But I became self-supporting. I got married---next April is our tenth anniversary---so I suppose I figured that out. I guess I'll get used to having a kindergartner too.

Change is coming---faster than any wheel, and I know I won't get to dictate how or when or why it happens. All I...all we...can do is hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

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